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To use EnvoyAI, please create an account in the developer portal. The portal has documentation describing the EnvoyAI Machine API and how to build and deploy your machines. The portal will also help you push your machines to the exchange. Your machines will initially be in the development machine exchange status, which means only you, your organization, and any user you share any given machine with will be able to see or test it. Development machines can only be tested manually in the developer portal. When you are ready to use a machine clinically, and optionally commercialize it, you can promote it to a different machine exchange status.


Develop, test, and share access to machines on the platform for free



Deliver your machine to hospitals and end users in days NOT years



Keep the majority of the revenue generated by your machine

Secure Access Control

EnvoyAI allows you to control the distribution of your algorithms. Grant any number of collaborators and hospitals access to peer review and test your algorithm. When your algorithm is ready for use in practice, EnvoyAI helps you launch it using our referral program.

Group Permissions

Share read-only access of a machine with an outside group for validation



Grant administrative control to users within your group for read and write access


IP Protection

Safeguard your work using our API by sharing machines without exposing code or training data

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Zero Headache Commercialization

Free Developer Account

1st Line Support

Included help line and customer support to cover most technical issues

Cloud Access Control

Multiple Deployment Configurations

Option for machines to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud

Free Physician Testing

Turnkey Solution

Distribute your machine to platform customers with ease

Transparent Sales Process

EnvoyAI offers a non-exclusive commercialization pathway through our lead registration system. EnvoyAI pusues sales with complete transparency with the developer ensuring that they know their customers and can trust EnvoyAI to pursues sales aggressively.
Flexible Pricing

Custom Pricing

Choose your pricing model with options based on purchase or subscription or study volume

Generous Revenue Share


Always non-exclusive to sell to customers on and off the platform through multiple channel partners

Huge Market Reach

Huge Market Reach

Market algorithms through distributors with a large global footprint

Restful Public API

Closed Loop Feedback

Closed Loop Feedback

Quickly get user feedback to continuously perfect your machines

Support External Viewers

Support External Viewers

Multiple options for integration directly into the clinical workflow

Flexible Abstraction Layer

Flexible Abstraction Layer

Have your machine's results get where they need to go


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If you are interested in learning more about how to receive all the benefits of being a EnvoyAI partner, including our referral program, generous revenue sharing, IP protection and much more, then reach out to the EnvoyAI team now!

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