Components of EnvoyAI

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A medical imaging algorithm in a software container with well-defined inputs and outputs for easy distribution

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Developer Portal

Website for building, testing, and sharing machines

Northstar AI Explorer

Northstar AI Explorer

An interactive user experience to accept, reject or adjust AI results.

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EnvoyAI Liaison

On site software that communicates with hospitals' scanners, viewers, and either the EnvoyAI Inference Cloud or Inference Appliance

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EnvoyAI Inference Cloud

Runs machines in the cloud using de-identified data sent by the EnvoyAI Liaison

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EnvoyAI Inference Appliance

Runs machines on site in your data center

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EnvoyAI Machine API

A simple way for AI developers to implement their innovations in the EnvoyAI Inference Cloud

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EnvoyAI Liaison API

A developer interface that provides an easy way to connect the AI machines you want to the workflow tools you use

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iNtuition EnvoyAI Adapter

Allows machine results to be viewed inside of TeraRecon's iNtuition

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