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Website: http://quibim.com/
Year Founded: 2012
Area of Focus/Speciality: QUIBIM offers a head to toe imaging biomarkers solution.
Hospital Associations: La Fe Health Research Institute in Valencia (Spain), the renowned research institute of La Fe Polytechnics and University Hospital.
Company Headquarters: Valencia, Spain
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QUIBIM (Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers In Medicine)


QUIBIM applies advanced algorithms to medical images to objectively measure disease or treatment-derived alterations in organs and tissues, offering additional quantitative information to the naked eye of radiologists. Technology is available for hospitals and pharma companies through QUIBIM PRECISION platform. 

Our company provides state of the art solutions for early diagnosis, lesion grading-phenotyping-staging, treatment selection/follow-up, in addition to the validation against clinical endpoints.

QUIBIM offers a head to toe imaging biomarkers solution. The development of each imaging biomarker involves a controlled step-by-step process, implemented by QUIBIM and adopted in 2013 by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) guidelines, to ensure accurate and consistent high quality measures.


Number of Algorithms:  Nine algorithms:

  • 3D Bone
  • Microarchitecture + QTS Score
  • Lung Emphysema Perfusion
  • Semiquantitative Analysis

Publications and Press:

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QUIBIM Leadership
Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí MD, PhD.

Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí MD, PhD.

Co-founder & Director of Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, PhD.

Dr. Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, PhD.

Co-founder & CEO

QUIBIM Machine | Perfusion – Semiquantitative Analysis

Quibim is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

  • Perfusion – Semiquantitative 1.png
  • Perfusion – Semiquantitative 2.png
  • QibbimBreastPerfusion.png

Automatic extraction of perfusion curve descriptors from DCE-MR scans. Intensity-time perfusion curves are first converted to concentration curves. Then, several semiquantitative parameters are extracted from these curves: IAUC60: Area under the curve at 60 seconds, Maximum slope, Peak and Time-to- peak.

  • Applicable Study Types: DCE-MR 
  • Regulatory Status: Research use only

QUIBIM Machine | Lung Emphysema (CT Chest)

Quibim is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

  • Lung Emphysema.png
  • QibbimLungEmphysema.png

Zero-click automatic lung emphysema quantification with adaptive thresholding. Automatic lung segmentation through thresholding and morphological operations. Lung separation is achieved via a combination of transform distance and watershed algorithm. Vessel extraction using the Hessian matrix to detect tubular structures. Instead of using a fixed threshold for emphysema quantification, the threshold is calculated based on the Hounsfield Units (HU) of the air external to the body, achieving a much higher correlation with spirometry FEV1 (r=0.98) than with the usual -950 HU threshold1 2.

  • Applicable Study Types: Chest CT
  • Regulatory Status: Research use only

QUIBIM Machine | 3D Bone Microarchitecture (Trabecular Bone)

is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

  • Trabecular bone
  • QibbimTravecular.png

Trabecular bone feature extraction for the characterization of several bone conditions and disorders, such as osteoporosis or osteopenia. Bone Mineral Density (BMD) extracted from DEXA presents several limitations for a correct bone assessment. Using CT or a T1 MR sequence, it is possible to accurately quantify several trabecular bone characteristics 5 6 7 8 9 10: trabecular thickness and separation, bone volume, trabecular index and fractal dimension. These imaging biomarkers were collected in a comprehensive database of healthy and osteoporotic subjects. A multivariate analysis was applied to this database and a single score was derived from these biomarkers: Quality of Trabecular Structure (QTS). Thanks to this score, it is possible to easily assess the quality of the bone without the need to interpret a large number of quantitative variables.

  • Applicable Study Types: Any CT or 3D T1W MR
  • Regulatory Status: Research use only