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Year Founded: 2015
Area of Focus/Speciality: Lung, (chest) and head CT
Hospital Associations: Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), and Wuhan Tongji Hospital.
Company Headquarters: Beijing, China
Number of Algorithms:  2 
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About Infervision

Mission statement: We employ artificial intelligence technology to bring the best medical diagnosis to millions of patients.

About: Infervision is a medical A.I. company headquartered in Beijing, China. We apply deep learning technology to medical image analysis. Through utilizing massive medical data, we create clinically valuable products and facilitate radiologists to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. Currently, Infervision is collaborating with over 50 top hospitals. By the end of September 2017, Infervision's A.I. products have assisted radiologists with over 200,000 studies.


Reference Sites:

  • Shanghai Changzheng Hospital
  • Wuhan Tongji Hospital
  • Beijing Tiantan Hospital
Infervision Leadership
Kuan Chen (CK), CEO

Kuan Chen (CK)


Yufeng Deng, Chief Medical Scientist and Head of US Operations

Yufeng Deng

Chief Medical Scientist and Head of US Operations

Shaokang Wang, COO

Shaokang Wang


Infervision Machine | InferRead Lung CT.AI

Infervision is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

  • screen_shot_chest_CT.png
  • InferVisionChest1.png

The machine locates suspicious lung cancer features from chest CT images. AI-CT marks the locations and slice numbers of lung nodules and analyzes the malignancy of the nodules. It reduces the time of reading each CT volume and improves the sensitivity of lung nodule identification by radiologists.


  • Applicable Study Types: Chest CT
  • Training data source: Various data from Chinese hospitals and public datasets.
  • Regulatory status: Research use only

Infervision Machine | InferRead Stroke CT.AI

Infervision is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

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  • InferVisionHead1.png

Locates and quantifies area of intracranial hemorrhage on head CT images. AI-head CT reads head CT images in DICOM format, automatically identifies hemorrhage areas, marks the locations of the hemorrhage on each slice and estimate total volume of blood loss. It aims to aid the radiologist for estimating the severity of hemorrhage.

  • Applicable Study Types: Head CT
  • Training Data Source: Various data from Chinese hospitals 
  • Regulatory Status: Research use only