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Year Founded: 2011
Area of Focus/Speciality: Breast imaging analytics (workflow performance, mammography quality, breast density)
Company Headquarters: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Number of Algorithms:  1
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About Densitas

Densitas is developing an advanced breast imaging analytics platform powered by machine learning that delivers actionable insights at point-of-care for personalized breast health. Their technologies address the key challenges facing breast screening today, including standardized density assessment, mammography quality, workflow improvement, and regulatory compliance with the aim of improving patient outcomes.

Densitas’ zero-click automated breast density assessment software, densitasdensity, analyzes the same standard digital mammograms that radiologists view. The solution integrates seamlessly with PACS systems. The insights generated by the software

empower radiologists to make the most appropriate follow-up care decisions consistently and confidently at unrivaled speeds.


Reference Sites:

  • Select hospitals and clinics. References available upon request.

End-User Testimonials


“The integration of DENSITAS|density into our clinical workflow was seamless. The Densitas breast density reports arrive alongside the mammography exams on our PACS nearly simultaneously. They are clear and easy to reference.”

Dr. Sian Iles, Section Head, Breast Imaging, Central Zone, Nova Scotia Health Authority


“The breast density measurements generated by DENSITAS|density match my visual estimates closely. I have confidence in the reproducibility and consistency of the density measurement, and this is fundamental if decisions within breast screening programs about screening frequency or ancillary screening methods are made based on a woman’s breast density.”

Dr. Sian Iles, Section Head, Breast Imaging, Central Zone, Nova Scotia Health Authority

PACS Admin

“The flexibility of DENSITAS|density’s configuration permitted seamless and rapid integration of the software into our workflow. Densitas continues to provide exceptional customer service. We look forward to working with them on new initiatives in the future.”

Nina R. PACS Admin, Central Zone, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Densitas Leadership
Mohamed Abdolell CEO and Founder Densitas Inc

Mohamed Abdolell

CEO and Founder

Dr Jae Kim MD PhD FRCPC Founding Director of Sentinelle Medical

Dr. Jae Kim, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Founding Director of Sentinelle Medical

Michael Lee, General Partner, Rogers Venture Partners

Michael Lee

General Partner, Rogers Venture Partners

Dr Caines, Founding Medical Director, Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program

Dr. Caines

Founding Medical Director, Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program

Densitas Machine | densitasdensity™

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For illustrative purposes only. Actual report details may vary based on regulatory requirements, product version, and customer configuration preferences.

densitasdensity is a PACS-centric, advanced machine learning application that provides automated point-of-care breast density assessments for high quality personalized breast care. densitasdensity™’s zero-click reports provide near instant access to breast density classification grades analogous to the American College of Radiology’s BI-RADS 4th or 5th Edition density scales along with percent density, breast area, dense area, compression pressure, and dose.

Breast density measurements are calculated by analyzing the pixel data associated with standard digital mammograms generated by compatible digital mammography systems. The reports are displayed on the radiologists’ workstations along with the digital mammogram. Breast density is an important factor associated with cancer risk and affects the sensitivity of mammography. It is an important factor in determining followup screening protocols and frequency of followup screening visits. These measures give radiologists on demand access to standardized and reliably reproducible breast density estimates, empowering them to make high quality personalized follow-up care decisions quickly and confidently to optimize health outcomes and service delivery. Dose and pressure measurements are optionally displayed. densitasdensity integrates seamlessly with PACS systems.


The value DM-Density brings to patients, practitioners and healthcare administrators:

i. Clinically validated algorithms that show excellent agreement with expert radiologists’ consensus assessment, permitting high confidence in the reproducibility and consistency of the density measurement.

ii. Standardizes breast density assessment and eliminates reader variability so that women will consistently receive the same care.

iii. Permits breast density assessments of routinely stored standard digital mammograms and the reprocessing of imaging data to easily accommodate various density scales.

iv. Bypasses the need for an IT equipment refresh upon installation.

v. Integrates seamlessly with Picture Archiving and Communication Systems.

vi. Optimizes the delivery of personalized breast care by stratifying patients for followup screening protocols .

  • Applicable Study Types: Standard processed DICOM full field digital screening mammograms (our densitasdensity software analyzes mammograms generated by compatible FFDMs)
  • Indications for Use: densitasdensity™ is a software application intended for use with full field digital mammography systems. densitasdensity™ calculates percent breast density as the ratio of fibroglandular tissue and total breast area estimates. densitasdensity™ provides these numerical values for each breast as well as a density category to aid interpreting physicians in the assessment of breast tissue composition. densitasdensity™ produces adjunctive information. It is not a diagnostic aid.
  • Regulatory Status:
    • DENSITAS|density™ is available for clinical use in the USA, EU, Canada and Australia:
      • FDA Cleared (USA)
      • CE-marked (EU)
      • Health Canada licensed (CAN)
      • TGA registered (AUS)