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Year Founded: 2014
Area of Focus/Speciality: Radiology and Breast Imaging
Hospital Associations:
  • University of California, San Diego, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Hoag Health
  • Network, and Johns Hopkins University Medical Center
  • University of Florida Health Breast Center
Company Headquarters: San Diego, California
Number of Machines: 1
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About CureMetrix

CureMetrix® was founded in 2014 on the belief that better computer-aided diagnostics (CAD) could lead to far better outcomes for patients with breast cancer, a population met with some of the most staggering statistics in healthcare. Currently, there are 520,000 deaths attributed to breast cancer worldwide and one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. CureMetrix has developed an investigational CAD software leveraging artificial intelligence and deep machine learning in medical image analysis that radiologists and patients can confidently rely on. When put simply, CureMetrix has developed a CAD That Works™. The software utilizes a quantitative algorithm which they expect will enable a radiologist to sort their worklist; prioritize and optimize their workflow; reduce their false positives and unnecessary biopsies; and detect cancer earlier. CureMetrix believes that providing radiologists with CAD That Works™ will lead to improved clinical outcomes, reduced healthcare costs and increased assurance that patients are getting the highest standard of care available from screening through post-biopsy follow-up.
CureMetrix Leadership
Kevin Harris, CEO

Kevin Harris


Tom Saftig, CFO

Tom Saftig


Mitul Shah, VP of Products

Mitul Shah

VP of Products

Sam Dribin, VP of Software

Sam Dribin

VP of Software

Kevin Buckley, VP of Intellectual Property

Kevin Buckley

VP of Intellectual Property

Elise Crispen, Director of Marketing

Elise Crispen

Director of Marketing

CureMetrix Machine | cmAssist

CureMetrix is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

  • curemetrix workflow-graphic

CureMetrix cmAssist is an investigational, computer-aided detection (CAD) software that has the potential to quickly detect key regions of interest on a mammogram, and accurately quantify and classify the anomalies as suspicious or verifiably benign. cmAssist allows configuration of the operating point for both mass and calcifications that is customizable to each hospital or clinic. The operating points establish a threshold which determines which regions of interest are displayed to the radiologist based on desired levels of sensitivity and specificity. cmAssist has been optimized to display very few false positives per image at a high sensitivity resulting in a CAD software that radiologists can trust.

The software utilizes a unique, data-driven neuScore™ which is a quantitative measure of suspiciousness of a region of interest ranging from 0 (least suspicious) to 100 (highly suspicious).

  • Applicable Study Types: Digital 2D Mammogram
  • Number of Studies Trained On: 500,000+ images
  • Regulatory Status: Research use only


CureMetrix Machine | cmTriage

CureMetrix is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

CureMetrix cmTriage is a workflow optimization tool that enables a radiologist to customize their mammography worklist based on cases that may need immediate attention.  Currently, viewing stations do not allow for intelligent sorting and prioritizing of cases – a radiologist can only sort based on name, date of image acquisition, time of image acquisition, etc.  With cmTriage, a radiologist can sort and prioritize cases in their worklist based on the presence of suspicious regions of interest or lack thereof found by the underlying algorithm.  This gives the radiologist the opportunity to tackle the more difficult mammograms with a heightened awareness, or perhaps to assign those cases to the specialist best suited to interpret them.

  • Applicable study types: Digital 2D mammogram
  • Number of studies trained on: 500,000+ images
  • Regulatory Status: FDA Cleared