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Website:  www.contextflow.com
Year Founded: 2016
Area of Focus/Speciality: General, first focus on Lung CT
Hospital Associations: Medical University of Vienna
Medical University of Vienna and the Radiology Center Vienna
Company Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
Number of Machines: 1
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About contextflow

See beyond a single case. At contextflow we develop deep learning-based technology, enabling 3D image search for large medical image data and associated reports.

contextflow revolutionizes the medical information search process with the help of deep learning: our 3D image-based search engine for radiologists looks for regions of interest within images (currently 18+ patterns in lung CTs); when a suspicious pattern is detected, we immediately find visually similar cases, descriptions and relevant reference information, affording doctors easy access to knowledge currently hidden in large medical image data and their associated reports...all within seconds. No more paging through books, guessing the right keyword or consulting various text-based reference search engines. In addition, our software can be configured to allow for prioritization of cases where patterns of interest are detected. 

End-User Testimonials


"With the contextflow image search technology we can easily place a new case in the context of similar cases and their findings, providing us with an objective reference check."

Helmut Prosch, MD

contextflow Leadership
Markus Holzer, CEO

Markus Holzer

CEO, Business Development, & Sales

Rene Donner Machine Learning & Product Development

Rene Donner

Machine Learning & Engineering

Georg Langs Science & Sales

Georg Langs

Science & Partners

Allan Hanbury Technology Evangelist & Financing

Allan Hanbury

Technology Evangelist & Financing

contextflow Machine | Relevant Case Finder

Contextflow is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

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Based on a marked region of interest within a second contextflow image search finds visually similar cases, frequent findings and relevant reference cases, bringing case relevant information closer to the point of care. Our system is trained on more than 10,000 clinical Lung CT scans which we also provide as search result reference database within our product.

  • Applicable Study Types: Clinical Lung CT scans
  • Number of studies trained on: >10.000 Lung CT scans
  • Regulatory Status: Reserach use only