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Year Founded: 2013
Area of Focus/Speciality: Change detection
Hospital Associations: N/A
Company Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Number of Machines: 1
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A.I. Analysis Inc.

About A.I. Analysis Inc.

A.I. Analysis provides artificial intelligence tools to enhance radiologist performance. In particular, we provide tools for the detection and characterization of changes in serial medical imaging studies. We have published evidence that the change detector can reduce time to review serial imaging studies, can improve inter-observer agreement, and may be able to help radiologists to find changes months earlier than is possible using manual inspection, alone.

Press and Publications: 

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A.I. Analysis Leadership
Douglas Patriarche Co-founder

Douglas Patriarche


Julia Patriarche, Ph.D. Co-founder

Julia Patriarche, Ph.D.


A.I. Analysis Machine | Change Detector for Brain Imaging

A.I. Analysis is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

  • MS_T1+FLAIR.png

Detection and characterization of changes in serial medical
imaging studies. The core change detector uses a sophisticated
machine learning approach to correct for the normalization
differences that are inherent in acquisition types like magnetic
resonance imaging, so that the color coded change map
contains a correct assessment of what has changed, from 0.0
for no change, to +1.0 for maximal change in the positive
direction, to -1.0 for maximal change in the negative direction.

  • Applicable Study Types: MRI: Anatomical (including: T1-Pre, T1-Post, T2, FLAIR, PD, etc.). ADC, Perfusion (including: CBF, CBV, MTT, TTP)
  • Regulatory Status: Research use only