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Year Founded: 2016
Area of Focus/Speciality: Breast Cancer Screening, Acute Neurological Abnormality Detection, and Pediatric Bone Age
Company Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Number of Machines: 1

16 Bit Inc.

About 16 Bit Inc.

16 Bit's vision is to augment physicians' diagnostic ability with artificially intelligent medical image analysis systems. Its ultimate goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare for all patients. With a unique combination of medical and technical expertise, 16 Bit focuses on solving the most impactful clinical problems facing diagnostic imaging today.

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16 Bit Leadership
Dr. Alexander Bilbily, MD, BHSc

Dr. Alexander Bilbily, MD, BHSc

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mark Cicero, MD, BESc, FRCPC

Dr. Mark Cicero, MD, BESc, FRCPC

Chief Operating Officer

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16 Bit Inc. is directly responsible for product and clinical representations

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Predicts skeletal age of hand radiograph in months.

  • Applicable Study Types: Hand X-Rays of pediatric patients < 18 years old.
  • Indications For Use: Pediatric bone age prediction from hand radiographs (for research purposes)
  • Training data source: RSNA Machine Learning Bone Age Challenge Dataset
  • Number of studies trained on: 12,612
  • Statistical performance: 4.265 months mean absolute difference (MAD)
  • Type of model used: Convolutional Neural Network
  • US Regulatory Status: Research use only