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EnvoyAI launches with 35 algorithms contributed by 14 newly-contracted artificial intelligence development partners

Posted by EnvoyAI on Nov 26, 2017 6:08:50 AM

Cambridge, MA – November 26, 2017: Artificial intelligence platform provider, EnvoyAI (www.envoyai.com) today announced the launch of the EnvoyAI Exchange, a platform described by AuntMinnie as the "Amazon for AI." EnvoyAI launches with 14 signed distribution deals with partner companies, collectively contributing 35 total algorithms to the Exchange. There are already 3 FDA-cleared algorithms available for purchase immediately, as well as many more available in the EU and others expecting 510(k) clearances over the next 6-12 months. EnvoyAI offers an ever-growing catalog of premium AI content that hospitals can seamlessly integrate into their workflow. Once a hospital has the platform installed, any new algorithm on the platform can be turned on and integrated into the clinical workflow with the push of a button.

“EnvoyAI solves a distribution problem in the medical imaging AI space. We help algorithm developers scale up from the validation stage to be able to reach a very large customer base with their products," said Misha Herscu, Chief Executive Officer of EnvoyAI. "Our platform enables physicians to interact with AI in their native workflow, keeping doctors in control and empowering them to take AI input into account, but on their own terms. Never before has there been a platform that serves as a liaison or ‘envoy’ of this nature – opening the channels of access and communication between those who create algorithms and those who can actually use them to help patients.”

Formerly known as McCoy Medical Technologies, EnvoyAI’s mission is to empower physicians by giving them access to the best algorithms available. McCoy was acquired in June by TeraRecon, and has been spun out to continue operations as an independent entity with support from its parent company.

EnvoyAI is simplifying access to AI algorithms for physicians by providing integration into existing workflows, starting with the TeraRecon product suite. The company’s products include a free developer platform, an open API, and a local virtual appliance designed to streamline the clinical implementation of trained machine learning algorithms. The EnvoyAI platform allows hospitals to quickly integrate a growing catalog of algorithms seamlessly into their workflow, while supporting both cloud and local deployment configurations.

Dr. Steven Rothenberg, radiology informatics fellow and EnvoyAI’s Chief Medical Officer, shared “It has been very exciting to see all the content starting to accumulate on the platform. We feel the momentum of a growing industry behind us, and it’s encouraging that so many companies see us as an avenue to reach a broader audience. I have been particularly enthusiastic about the benefits we can provide to patients, using FDA-cleared algorithms that are already available on the platform. Many of the metrics these products automatically compute are things that no human could or would want to measure by hand. Any radiologist can use these algorithms to provide greater value to patients and referring physicians.”

EnvoyAI retains the McCoy Medical advisory board, including Dr. Eliot Siegel, Dr. Paul Chang, and Dr. Khan Siddiqui. Advisory board member, Dr. Eliot Siegel said “There has been a profound mismatch between the many thousands of diverse and promising algorithms presented at research meetings and the tiny number that are available at my workstation. We’ve always had brilliant minds creating algorithms that can be applied to images. What we’ve lacked is the communication mechanism that delivers their algorithms to a broad audience allowing clinicians to try out algorithms, while maintaining control over the patient interaction and report”.

EnvoyAI is tackling this challenge by giving physicians direct access to cutting edge algorithms produced by a growing number of innovative AI companies.

Visit EnvoyAI at RSNA17 in Chicago, IL at Booth #8149B in the Machine Learning Showcase.

About EnvoyAI (www.envoyai.com) EnvoyAI provides a developer platform, integrations, and an API interface for algorithm developers, technology partners, and end users. EnvoyAI facilitates the streamlined distribution and hospital implementation of trained machine learning algorithms via a vendor neutral distribution platform. The platform allows users anywhere to access cloud-based algorithms without requiring access to the algorithm code or training data to protect PHI and developer ­­­intellectual property. EnvoyAI assists research institutions and emerging AI companies in the translation and commercialization processes, starting with rapid deployment via a scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure with the ability to add local components to facilitate on-site deployments as well. EnvoyAI distributes its products both directly and through resellers to make algorithms on the platform available to a very wide footprint of hospitals and, ultimately, to patient bedsides everywhere.

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