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ECR 2019 Trends: Exploring Cloud Security and Platforms

Posted by EnvoyAI on Apr 1, 2019 10:22:00 AM

ecr envoyaiAt ECR 2019 this year, we had great conversations with attendees, customers, partners, exhibitors, and even had the opportunity to participate in an interview to discuss the future of AI with our friends at Médecine TV. Check out the second of three interview videos below and read the interview all about cloud security and cloud platforms.


Interview below was conducted by EME (Médecine) TV.




TC Zhao, TeraRecon VP of Engineering and CTO, Discusses Cloud Security and Platforms




Q: There are a lot of questions around the Cloud. Why should you move to the Cloud?

A: The Cloud offers many benefits! It is very cost effective, offers infinite scalability, and it allows collaboration between different physicians and hospitals.

Q: Why do you think the Cloud is cost-effective?

A: The Cloud is very cost-effective. From a hospital’s perspective, they don’t need to maintain multiple servers or additional IT personnel. From TeraRecon's side, we essentially can do a single software upgrade and disseminate it to all of our customers.

Q: One of the many issues around the Cloud is security. Is the Cloud secure?

A: The Cloud is very secure today as all of our offerings are GDPR compliant. Our workflow is designed for security. Before we transmit data from a hospital, we actually de-identify the data, thus removing any patient information before it reaches the cloud in order to make sure that it stays secure.

Q: How should Radiologists choose a Cloud platform?

A: There are so many cloud offerings to choose from and it truly depends on the type of budget you are working with. TeraRecon will help by making recommendations for a physician or hospital on a case by case basis.


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