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ECR 2019 Trends: Exploring AI & Deep Learning

Posted by EnvoyAI on Mar 29, 2019 10:20:33 AM

ecr envoyaiAt ECR 2019 this year, we had great conversations with attendees, customers, partners, exhibitors, and even had the opportunity to participate in an interview to discuss the future of AI with our friends at Médecine TV. Check out the first of three interview videos below and read the interview all about the latest in AI and deep learning.


Interview below was conducted by EME (Médecine) TV.




Gael Kuhn, TeraRecon Director of Product Management, Explores AI & Deep Learning




Q: TeraRecon has been using AI for a long time. Are you moving towards deep learning?

A: TeraRecon has always been working on AI but we are also moving into deep learning because it helps us develop algorithms faster, better and with more accuracy. We are able to frame a question that AI deep learning can answer versus having to perform an if/else statement to answer a clinical question. Now, we can leverage the data we are storing in a structured way so that we can learn from a clinical question.

Q: What is the main difference between AI and deep learning?

A: AI is an overall technique learned by creating if/else statements. With deep learning, you are asking the algorithm a question. “Is there is a tumor? What type of tumor?" You have to actually ask these questions and then the algorithm will try to learn from the data and labels you provided.

Q: What is the challenge of deep learning? Can it be a huge success or a huge failure?

A: TereRecon views AI as a technique and to us, AI will be considered a success when everyone is using it every day. There is a lot of expectations around AI today and it’s not the be all and end all. People think that AI will change the world and that could be true, but it could be wrong! AI answers some questions but not all of them.


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