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A Radiologist’s Time Saving Tool: Discussing AI with AIMed at HIMSS 2019

Posted by EnvoyAI on Apr 10, 2019 10:12:00 AM

At HIMSS ’19 this year, we were able to meet up with AIMed to discuss the future of AI, and the power it has to offer radiologists and their workflows. As an innovator in medical imaging, our high-end advanced visualization tools are created by focusing on things you don’t normally find in typical PACS. This makes us unique in a way that we already have the expertise behind the different workflows you would use to derive anatomical findings and measurements, which makes it easier to deliver value with artificial intelligence.

Physicians take on the challenge of going through numerous readings every day. If they are not equipped with the right tools, they cannot efficiently read the scans and could possibly accelerate scans that do not need to be bumped up on their worklist. This can actually do more harm than good and that is why our advanced visualization tools are saving them time and energy by getting them the right information the first time.

We want to arm Radiologists with the quantitative measurements they need so they do not have to cut corners when their day gets busy. That is where the power and the potential of artificial intelligence comes in when undertaking those kinds of quantitative analysis. That power in the hands of radiologists is exponential for them to be productive in getting the right quantitative information to manage the patient for the future.


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